Director : Suzan Iravanian, Iran/Czech Republic 2018

“I am a woman, oil comes out of my body and they are looking for my husband”….says Foziye, describing the reason why she has to immigrate to Germany…

Being in her 50’s, Foziye tries to find her lost husband on the pretext of having something very critical to tell him while she doesn’t reveal the secret until a day her daughter and her sister find out that she is struggling with a privileged body and a leakage organ which can produce oil, the crude oil…but oil, such a vital substance is just being used to resolve the small family issues until a day her body stops functioning properly and the scattered characters take the lead.



Suzan Iravanian

Born in 1985 in Shiraz Iran, Suzan Iravanian holds a BA in Art & Architecture, she gained an MA in Cult film from Brunel University and an MA in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy.

Since 2009 Iravanian has been involved in the production of short films and in 2015 she started working on her first feature film.

Iravanian also works as a writer, photographer and graphic designer.