Like My Name Pegah

This year´s winner of the best documentary award in Iran Cinema House was directed by Soodabeh Beiza’ee who started her career as an actress. Her last appearance was in a very successful A Man of Integrity (An Un Certain Regard winner in Cannes 2017). While doing a research for a screenplay, she found a topic which intrigued her and therefore she teamed up with her formal colleagues Kaveh Farnam as a producer and Mohammad Rasoulof as a consultant producer and directed her first feature documentary about Iran´s young generation, their love, passions and their endeavour to escape to a different country, world or at least reality.

Pegah a free-spirited teenage girl is living in Tehran. She is trying her best to provide money for her boy/friend Hooman. Hooman is held in a drug withdrawal camp and needs the money ASAP otherwise he will be send to forced labour camp where many people die. Pegah is desperate and gets into a huge debt over helping her friend. She manages to get Hooman out, but her troubles are only starting….

The film was finished in September 2018 as an Iran/Czech co-production and it will have a world premiere at one of the next year´s  International Film Festivals.


Director’s biography:
Soodabeh Beiza’ee is a Persian literature graduate from Ahvaz University. She started her career by playing in feature films. Then she began writing screenplays. While she was doing research for a screenplay, she became interested in the documentary cinema. Like My Name Pegah is her first documentary.