A Man of Integrity

A story about the last honest man (charismatic thirtysomething Reza), who stands up to local corruption (a mob corporation in the remote northern Iranian countryside) even at the cost of endangering his own family. This original and engrossing drama by a respected Iranian filmmaker won the main prize in Un Certain Regard at this year’s Cannes fest.


Iranian Film Festival

The festival is the first ever showcase of Iranian cinema in the Czech Republic. Iran’s cinematography has been at the forefront of cinema audiences around the world for at least three decades and is also respected by critics. Iranian films have achieved annual successes at film shows such as Berlinale or festivals in Venice, Cannes or Moscow. These films are unique because of their artistic conception, strong emotions and rich history.


A Very Ordinary Citizen

Present day. After the death of his wife and the onset of the old age crisis, distraction and Alzheimer’s, Mr. Safari, an eighty-year-old pensioner, is persuaded to visit his son who lives abroad. As a young woman assumes responsibility for providing Mr. Safari’s travel arrangements, Mr. Safari…


Rebel Beats

In a deeply male dominated country where traditional, religious and political obstacles are huge, a 24 years old Afghan female rapper fights sharply for gender equality and promotion of women rights with her music. Threatened to death in numerous occasions, Paradise Sorouri…



“I am a woman, oil comes out of my body and they are looking for my husband”….says Foziye, describing the reason why she has to immigrate to Germany…

Being in her 50’s, Foziye tries to find her lost husband on the pretext of having something very critical to tell him while she doesn’t reveal the secret until a day her daughter and her sister find out that she is struggling with a privileged body and a leakage organ which can produce oil, the crude oil…but oil, such a vital substance is just being used to resolve the small family issues until a day her body stops functioning properly and the scattered characters take the lead.