A Very Ordinary Citizen

Dir. Majid Barzegar, 2015, IR, CZ Tehran.

Present day. After the death of his wife and the onset of the old age crisis, distraction and Alzheimer’s, Mr. Safari, an eighty-year-old pensioner, is persuaded to visit his son who lives abroad. As a young woman assumes responsibility for providing Mr. Safari’s travel arrangements, Mr. Safari…


Rebel Beats

Dir. Omid Marzban, 2015, CZ, USA, AF

In a deeply male dominated country where traditional, religious and political obstacles are huge, a 24 years old Afghan female rapper fights sharply for gender equality and promotion of women rights with her music. Threatened to death in numerous occasions, Paradise Sorouri…


Festival íránských filmů

Iran is known around the world for its flourishing film industry and its long history of cinema. Many critics now rank Iranian Cinema amongst the world’s most important national cinemas, with a significance that invites comparison to Italian Neorealism and similar movements in the past decades. Film festivals that…



The One of the Whale

Dir. Kaveh Daneshmand, 2017, CZ, PL, IR

A fraying immigrant couple take their 7 year old daughter on a trip to a remote seaside hotel in the hope that something will change. A thousand unspoken words hang between them as they follow a long quiet road, past a series of unsettling incidents that thicken the…