The One of the Whale

Dir. Kaveh Daneshmand, 2017, CZ, PL, IR

A fraying immigrant couple take their 7 year old daughter on a trip to a remote seaside hotel in the hope that something will change. A thousand unspoken words hang between them as they follow a long quiet road, past a series of unsettling incidents that thicken the wall of hostility between the parents and draw all three deep into their own private worlds.

And then, they arrive: Hotel Rewa, a hidden coastal retreat run by an old friend who carries scars and secrets from a far off past. It is here, and at a decaying villa hidden in a forest nearby, where two encounters grant them their wish for change, if not in the way they imagined.


Kaveh Daneshmand

Born in 1982, Kaveh Daneshmand is an Iranian filmmaker based in Prague, Czech Republic. After graduating in film directing, Kaveh co-founded the Festival of Iranian Films in Prague in 2010.
Ever since, he has been active in the field of film mainly as a director and a screenwriter as well as the member of jury in the 52nd edition of Zlín Film Festival (2012), the 13th edition of Mezipatra Film Festival (2012) and the 9th edition of the Prague Short Film Festival (2014).
He is currently the artistic director of the Festival of Iranian Films in Prague.