Swit S-1073F LCD monitor

550  vč DPH

The S-1073F adopts a 7-inch LCD panel with LED backlight, optical bonding technical. The native resolution is Full HD 1920×1200, contrast 1000:1, and viewing angle is Horizontal: 160° / Vertical: 160°

Product Description

◆ 7” optical bonding LCD, 1920×1200
◆ All metal housing, thinner and robust
◆ 2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI input and loop out
◆ HDMI input, loop out, converted to SDI out
◆ 16-ch Embedded audio meters with alert
◆ Select any 2 audio channels to output
◆ 9-step quick zoom-in and mapping
◆ Red/blue Focus assist and precision adjust
◆ Multi-camera logs to Rec709 conversion
◆ User 3DLUT cube import via USB stick
◆ Waveform, Vector scope, Histogram R/G/B/Y
◆ AFD, timecode, H/V delay, Zebra stripes
◆ Marker 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 15:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1
◆ False color, R/G/B/Mono, 100% colorbar
◆ GPI control and soft Tally display
◆ V / Gold mount and various DV plate install
◆ USB firmware upgrade


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