Rental Rules

Please carefully review the rental rules, which sets out the terms and conditions for the rental of the equipment.


1. Order of equipment and accessories
The equipment can be rented on the basis of non-binding web, e-mail or telephone orders to the contacts on our website. The order becomes binding upon written confirmation by our technician.


2. Documents and fees
During the first mutual cooperation the customer is required to submit a valid extract from the Register of Companies, the trade license or/and the ID card. At the first order we will verify your history and credibility and, in some cases, the deposit of cash will be required depending on the price of the leased device. Without the payment of this fee in cash, the equipment will not be leased to the tenant. The facility will be leased on the basis of the signing of the lease and the handover protocol.
All customers have to be insured so they can cover the cost of the equipment in case it gets damaged.


3. Rental and return times of your device
The shortest possible rental time is one day. The longest possible rental period of the facility is not limited (unless otherwise stated in the prior confirmation of the loan order). Each start date is counted into the rental period. If you observe the pick-up time from 9: 15-11: 00 and return until
15: 00-17: 00, the day of delivery and return is not charged.


4. Refund of leased equipment and billing
The last day of rental is the day of returning the equipment to the lessor. The day of return of the device is not charged to the customer if the set time is fulfilled. On the day of the return, the tenant will receive a receipt for the leased device to be taken back. If the undamaged device is returned in its fully functional state, the deposit will be returned in full. In the event of damage or failure to return of any equipment, the damage will be charged in full according to the valid price of the equipment, which can be viewed on our sales website. If the rented facility does not return within the agreed time, the tenant will be charged extra fee of CZK 500 for each further commenced day, including the day on which the facility was originally to be returned. The fourth day after the device is not returned and the lease term expires (the agreed term for the return of the leased device), a collateral deposit will be forfeited and the loan will be treated as a theft. The rental will be charged and unless otherwise agreed in advance upon return of the rented facility, by cash or invoice.