What we offer

Shopping regularly at teltec pays off – up to 120 days payment term

More flexibility in liquidity planning – Buy the equipment today and pay in four months!

In this way, financial leeway is created, which is particularly helpful for larger investments.
The Extended Payment Terms work without a credit check up to an amount of € 25.000,00.

The Payment Term is extendable to 60, 90 or 120 days.

Only Teltec invoice customers benefit from this credit limit. Two completed purchases within the last 12 months are all it takes to obtain the status of invoice customer.

120 days: plus 2.79 %

90 days: plus 2.12 %

60 days: plus 1.44 %

(Not possible for prepayment, cash on delivery or Buy&Try deals)

test video equipment on site

Compare and test on site including competent advice and workshops – Teltec offers comprehensive and personal advice at ten locations throughout Germany and Austria. Customers can test current cameras and camera accessories such as lenses, tripods, rig systems or other video equipment at any time.

Unique in the industry: customers can now protect their production technology even more comprehensively and make secure investments in video equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: The insurance for UAVs must be taken out separately.



  •  warranty extension up to 48 months
  •  new value replacement in case of damage
  •  transferable upon resale of equipment


covers following risks:

  • theft, burglary with vandalism,
  • unforeseen damage or destruction,
  • water damage,
  • operating errors and intent of third parties,
  • short-circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage
  • fire, lightning and explosion damage



  • extension of statutory warranty for construction, material or manufacturing defects
  • comprehensive cover includes damage without external influence (internal operating damage)



  • devices in public educational institutions are insured
  • worldwide area of application
  • when purchasing new goods with a single value of € 500,00 or more
  • per damaging event a deductible of € 250,00 applies
  • 10 % deductible in case of theft



  • wear and tear
  • loss or left behind
  • aircraft such as drones
  • devices with a single value over € 100.000,00
  • devices in night bars or discotheques, even for short-term use
  • equipment used exclusively for private purposes
  • damages which a third party is liable for


24 months term 2.2 % of the net value of goods incl. 21 % VAT

One-off amount for 24 months

36 months term 3.3 % of the net value of goods incl. 21 % VAT

One-off amount for 36 months.

48 months term 4.9 % of the net value of goods incl. 21 % VAT

One-off amount for 48 months.


calculation example:

For a camcorder worth € 5.000,00, the policyholder pays only € 110,00 incl. VAT once for 24 months, € 165,00 incl. VAT for 36 months or € 245,00 incl. VAT for 48 months.

Commencement OF INSURANCE:

The insurance cover begins after receipt of the goods and confirmation of the insurance cover. Up to 14 days after delivery a provisional cover is provided, which is extended according to the term after payment of the premium invoice. The processing takes place directly with the insurer or its service provider.

The passing on of contract-relevant data to the processing service provider Medien-Finanzservice, a financial service company of Prill-Assekuranz, is expressly agreed to when making use of the fully comprehensive insurance. The customer automatically receives a monthly newsletter from the insurance provider, which can be cancelled at any time.

Please note that only goods purchased from Teltec are covered and not the complete electronics and their accessories that are already in possession.

Teltec currently has 15,000 products from over 400 leading manufacturers in the industry’s largest web shop.

Suitable solutions for your needs

A project can be adapted to a customer’s current financial situation by choosing one of the following financial concepts of Teltec:

  • hire purchase
  • leasing

The right choice of financing

  • Leases do not burden the credit line with the house bank!
  • It is possible to calculate the monthly cost of the desired equipment with the leasing calculator, which can be accessed via every single item view


The right financing solution is not on the list?

Contact the Teltec Service Team for advice to obtain a financing solution tailored to your needs!

We are happy to advise you.