Red Hatchback


Ali, 30-years-old, works for a commercial company. With his 5-year-old son, Amir-Hossein, he lives in a small house in southern Tehran and raises his child as a single-parent. He is very devoted to please his sons love for cars. After borrowing money from his friends and the bank and gathering all his savings, he has enough money to buy a car from a friend. But instead, massive inflation leads to a sharp rise in prices and therefore the deal is canceled. Unable to do the deal, Ali is Deeply saddened struggles to keep the promise he has made…

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Ashkan Najafi


Ashkan Najafi was born in 1983 in Tehran. He began his career as a journalist with special focus on the liberalization and reform movements in Iran. He immigrated to Germany in 2005, where he studied Film and Media Technology at the University of Hamburg. The Red-Hatchback is his first feature film.