Woodgils – A Duet For a Dream


A story about the lives of Leila Avakh and Sedigheh Momennia who have chosen, with much love and passion, carpentry as a profession, a profession that is considered extremely masculine in the traditional society of Iran. As such, these two face many difficulties and obstacles. However, they are determined to prove to themselves and their society that it is not impossible to achieve your dreams. Leila and Sedigheh are amongst the first female carpenters in Iran.

Z filmu
Z filmu

Azadeh Bizargiti


Bizargiti’s oeuvre includes directing, research, and producing a series of long and short documentaries, as well as authoring a number of articles on literature, women and cinema. An Angle Over My Right Shoulder (2011), the Scent of Lemon at Dawn (2014), Hidden Half (2016) and Waterfolk (2019) are noted as some of her documentaries.