Cinema Nest


We have a private 15-seater cinema in Zizkov underneath our office. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming weekly screenings and events. The cinema is also available for private hire.

Here are a few simple rules to make your experience more comfortable:

  • If you came for a movie night organized by Media Nest there is not a set price for your ticket, contributions are voluntary. Any amount counts and goes mainly towards utility expenses and cinema maintenance Please, pay to the box provided – Thank you!
  • Drinking is allowed and highly advised 😊 (take any drinks you want from the bar – the prices are listed – pay to the box provided)
  • E-cigarettes are allowed (as long as your fellow visitors don’t mind it)
  • Normal cigarettes are unfortunately not allowed (they are hard to air out, sorry)
  • Although we have an immensely powerful air purifier killing all the germs and viruses it would be very considerate of you to wear a mask.
  • Please only screen material that you have/own a license for.
  • Kindly be considerate of our rules – screening of any unlicensed pornographic/ illegally downloaded material is forbidden.

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