Rebel Beats


While military helicopters are still flying over Kabul, an artistic couple called 143Band, are fighting a different war with theit rap songs – the battle for Afghan women and their rights. Although both on the street and even online, face constant insults and violence, the word of surrender certainly is not found in their vocabulary or in the song lyrics.

Afghanistan’s first and most popular female rapper takes on controversial issues such as violence against women, in particular child marriages and so-called honor killings. Despite receiving death threats on several occasions, Paradise has not given up. Rebel Beats takes you deep into Paradise’s cheerful and tearful moments of life

From the movie
From the movie
From the movie

Omid Marzban


A journalist and filmmaker from Afghanistan, studied screenwriting and film direction at the Prague Film School. Born in 1984, he witnessed all the stormy political upheavals in Afghanistan over the past three decades – from the collapse of the Communist regime to the transition of power to the Mujahideen, the Civil War, the Taliban and Afghanistan after the Taliban.