Revolution 3.0


This film centers on the story of Reza, a recognized documentary director from Iran. In 2016, after being blacklisted by the Islamic Republic regime of Iran, Reza and his family are forced to leave their home and start anew in Los Angeles. Despite his expertise and talent, he faces numerous challenges, including a language barrier and limited connections in the film industry, that hinder his return to directing. Through perseverance and determination, Reza finds a new passion in film editing. This new-found skill not only gives him a sense of purpose but also becomes his means of overcoming the obstacles he faces.

After seven years of silence about his exile, when the Iranian Revolution breaks out, Reza feels a strong urge to use his editing skills to document the stories of the protesters and reclaim his voice and connection to his roots. His videos went viral globally and protesters sent him footage, voice messages, and firsthand accounts, which he used to create a unique web series called “Diaries of a Revolution”.

As the narrator, Reza provides a personal view of his journey and how social media has affected his life. The film examines the impact of social media on a new generation of immigrants seeking a sense of belonging through the digital world. Reza partners with fellow creators to raise awareness for the revolution. Through intimate interviews with these artists, activists, and social media influencers, the film delves into how they use storytelling, technology, and social channels to create a new sense of home.

Reza Bird


Reza Bird, is an Iranian filmmaker who has been forced into exile due to his political and social activism. Reza has previously worked with networks such as Arte, BBC, and VOA and also notable brands such as Twitch, Apple, and Gravity Sketch.

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